Learning to take and let go

Photo by Vivyanne Le https://www.vivyannelephotography.com/

The past month I’ve had the absolute best time with José. I had the opportunity to show him around Oregon, my beloved home. He met my family and explored the area where I grew up and became the person that I am today. He experienced real cold for the first time. He saw snow fall for the first time and went tubing on Mount Hood. He ate Thai food for the first time! Very important. We walked the streets of Portland, hiked the cliffs of the Columbia Gorge, visited waterfalls, ate bomb Mexican food, and celebrated the holidays American style.

Oh, and we got ENGAGED. Which was one of the best moments of my life so far. Because I get to commit myself to this amazing man. We get to devote ourselves to one another, live our lives going after goals together, growing old together, and living life purely and authentically. To say that I am excited to celebrate life with him is an understatement.

Photo by Vivyanne Le https://www.vivyannelephotography.com/

We have still a long road ahead of us, but not nearly as long as the distance we encountered up to this point. We are thankful that that is behind us, but are ready to face what is ahead of us with courage and persistence. Dating someone from another country is full of adventure and wonder and it’s been so much fun. Throughout, we have to deal with things that a lot of couples don’t have to, and it has helped us grow and become closer together. This year will be a lot of figuring ourselves out, preparing for marriage, and preparing to live together wherever that may be. Our priority is to be together and not have to be in fear of being separated again by a pandemic, by the government, by laws, or by geography.

José is my person. He’s always been, even before I knew him. But now we know. And we will never stop knowing.

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