Preparing for this season of Advent

Last year was my first season participating in advent. This year my husband and I are creating traditions for the holiday season as a married couple. I love the anticipation of advent. The longing for Jesus’ birth. The excitement in waiting for the Lord. The feelings of hope, joy, peace, and renewal. As author Katie Noble says, “a celebration of Christ’s first coming and focused longing on his second.” I also admire that she emphasizes that advent is not scriptural but rather a man-made practice, and therefore, no stress if you don’t practice it! But for those that do, it can be a great way to focus yourself on Christ in a season that can be busy and distracting.

Here are a few ways that my family is practicing advent this year:

  1. Decorating the apartment with a Christmas tree and lights
  2. Exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve at midnight
  3. Reading together from the book Watch For The Light, a collection of readings for advent and Christmas
  4. Watching mass every Sunday and throwing in some extra scripture reading and prayer
  5. Creating an advent wreath with candles to light every Sunday until Christmas–lighting an additional white one on Christmas day
  6. Being intentional with our Christmas songs this year–listening to artists like Josh Garrels, Page CXVI, and The Porter’s Gate–songs that are about the joy of Christmas, the excitement of advent, and the amazing gift that is being a Christian

My family wishes you a joyous holiday season and a peaceful, prayerful advent!

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