Waiting and thankfulness

So looking forward to celebrating Christmas this week with my family. Our first advent as a married couple has been fulfilling in so many ways. We have gotten the chance to pray together, read the Bible together, light the advent candles and watch mass together. We’ve also been going through two advent devotionals together. It has helped us to prepare our hearts and souls for the coming of Jesus.

It will be bittersweet on Christmas Eve as we will be missing José’s family dearly. Extrañamos a toda nuestra familia en Guate. ❤️ Our goal is to be with all of them next year to celebrate the holiday season and rejoice in being together once again.

The immigration process is hard, folks. Most people don’t know that once you’ve submitted a request for a green card/residency, you cannot leave the country until it is approved. You also cannot work or help provide financially. It requires a ton of sacrifice and for that I am so thankful to José for giving so much up to be with me. We look forward to when we can once again travel internationally and when José has been approved for his green card and can leave the country to visit his loved ones. This Christmas I am thankful for you, mi amor.

Lord, we thank you for all the peace you’ve given us in this season. We pray for continual progress in my families immigration application. We pray for 2022 to bring our families together. We are thankful for all of our blessings we’ve been given in 2021 and we look forward in anticipation to the new things to come.

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