Nourishing our bodies in the simplest ways

What if the answer to most of our physical, emotional, and mental health struggles was in fact very simple? What if it was not as complex as we made it out to be?

Body image is a sensitive topic and having a struggle with your own body image is something that I am very familiar with, especially most recently in my life. I find myself frequently wanting to go on a special diet or exercise a ridiculous amount because I feel that I need to be punished in some way. I’ve been told that I would look good in an outfit if only I just went on a low carb diet for a few weeks. I’ve been asked why all of I sudden I had developed a tummy. These comments and the images and advertisements we see on social media create this idea that there is a better way to look than what we see in the mirror right now. And that we are not healthy as we are. The way to be healthy, they claim, is to starve yourself or fast or eat vegan or take supplements or exercise multiple times a day or count your calories. What if instead of punishing ourselves, we nourished and loved ourselves into the best versions of who we were created to be?

God gave us the plants and animals of this world. He gave us the abundance of resources on our earth to nourish ourselves and our families, but our society has convinced us that we need to limit ourselves instead in order to be the perfect body size and be healthy.

Instead of counting our calorie intake obsessively, maybe we should try to be getting enough calories on a daily basis. Enough nutrients. Enough vitamins and minerals. Most people actually need more calories than we are lead to believe. Especially mothers, active working people, people dealing with sickness, and people with busy schedules. We need proper plant and animal nutrients, body movement, rest, and sunlight.

I want to try to give to my body instead of take from it and see what happens. I want to nourish my body so that it feels safe and has everything that it needs. Once it does, maybe it will release any excess fat it doesn’t need. Maybe then my blood pressure will lower, my stress hormones will lower. I want to work out and move my body when I feel that I need movement. I want to rest when I am tired and take naps frequently. My body was created to thrive, to heal itself, to adapt. I want to listen to what it is communicating. Instead of making my wellness so complicated, I want to simplify it. I do not want my journey towards health to become unhealthy.

This time when I went grocery shopping, instead of buying my usual meat alternatives, non-dairy milks, chips, and snacks, I bought grass fed meat, grass fed organic milk, and an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables. This time when I go to the gym I will work out with radiating appreciation of my body. I want my body to feel loved, strong, and nourished. I want my pursuit of health to be life giving.

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