Ash Wednesday & St Irmã Dulce

Ash Wednesday.

This mornings reading consisted of the works of St. Irmã Dulce, who spent her time walking around the streets of her home in Bahia, Brazil, finding the need that existed, and addressing it. “She began walking the streets, simply talking to people and paying particular attention to the desperately poor. Soon she had organized a medical clinic, followed by a hospital and a homeless shelter.”

The scripture to follow was from Joel 2:12-18. The first line is “yet even now” and goes on to talk about giving our heart to God and praising Him. Yet even now, we can worship Him. Yet even now, in this time and place, no matter what is going on in the world, we can recognize His mercy and goodness.

St. Irmã Dulce did incredible work in her hometown, her own city where she was born and grew up. By walking around and opening her eyes to what the need was. I so often think that I need to get out of my town to make a “real difference,” and yet this Saint shows real work can be done, and SHOULD be done, right where you are at.

Let us thank God for where He has placed us and open our eyes to opportunities to serve where we are, here and now.

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