Holy Week

Today is Wednesday of Holy Week. We have made it through the weeks of lent and now we are approaching the holy moments that lead up to the passing and resurrection of Christ. Today I am reflecting on Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, a betrayal so painful and reckless that it leads to the death ofContinue reading “Holy Week”


What does it mean to be a homemaker to you?  To me it means cultivating an atmosphere of love and safety while ensuring that our needs are met. Being a wife has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life so far. I love making our home whatever we want it to be.Continue reading “Homemaking”


My intention for 2022 is to take care of my mind, body, and soul in order to become the best version of myself that God created me to be. That can seem like a monumental task. And that’s usually why we don’t get very far when we try to complete our New Year’s Resolutions. TheContinue reading “PRESENCE”

Letting go

Getting rid of my pregnancy stuff is hard. That’s what I wrote about today. I have no use for my prenatal vitamins nor my anti-nausea remedies. Do I just let them sit there and take up space? Do I waste them? Give them away? Having the items around the apartment gives me a false senseContinue reading “Letting go”

Our girl.

Our girl. They told us that you are a girl.We knew that already, deep down.But once it was confirmed, I longed for you even more.To know your personality.To hold you.To care for you.To buy you little clothes.To sing to you.I wish I could have known what you would have looked like.Damn I wish that soContinue reading “Our girl.”

Our May

Today, on October 30th, Jose and I planted a daffodil for our May. That’s what we named the baby-May. After their would have been birth month. May, to me, is a month of beauty and growth. It’s when the flowers bloom and the sun comes back out again after many months of cold and rain.Continue reading “Our May”

“Order and Chaos”: A Perspective on my time in China

A reflection on living in China during a pandemic by a dear friend. Introduction I would first like to take a moment to express my gratitude towards the amazing Miss Camille LaRocca for allowing me the space to share my experiences through words on this post. My name is 歐尼. I am 23 years old and graduated in 2019 fromContinue reading ““Order and Chaos”: A Perspective on my time in China”

There’s nothing like loving and being loved.

Interview with Jennifer and Andrew Dashwood-Begg [transcribed from audio recording] I love a good love story. Especially one that is realistic and shows the highs and the lows. And this one certainly is that. And it comes with a whole lot of spectacular advice for couples. As someone recently engaged, this conversation with Jennifer andContinue reading “There’s nothing like loving and being loved.”