Our girl.

Our girl.

They told us that you are a girl.
We knew that already, deep down.
But once it was confirmed, I longed for you even more.
To know your personality.
To hold you.
To care for you.
To buy you little clothes.
To sing to you.
I wish I could have known what you would have looked like.
Damn I wish that so much.
Would you have had your father’s kind eyes?
Or my wavy brown hair?
May, we miss you.
I miss the feeling of carrying you.
I miss the way your dad would hold me and say, “my two babies.”
I miss the idea of you in our lives and the future we planned with you in it.
Our perfect baby girl.

“May will always be our first child,” José told me today.
She is our first. Not our last, but always our first;
always a part of our family.

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